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Goat Rearing
Goat Rearing PRADAN is promoting goat-rearing programme in several parts of Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, Bihar and West Bengal. As with other PRADAN initiatives, the focus is on assisting women in optimising their livestock resources. This becomes necessary given that in these project areas, goat rearing is characterised by the use of poor breeds and unscientific husbandry practices that result in low incomes and high morbidity and mortality risks.

PRADAN focuses on the induction of new animals, better housing and veterinary care, especially immunisation against certain well-known killer diseases like PPR (Peste des petits ruminants). Systems have been set up to procure and administer necessary vaccines in collaboration with government agencies.

PRADAN assists poor women in goat rearing as a potential livelihood supplement. The programme enables women to obtain credit to buy goats and provide improved shelter and veterinary support. Training a cadre of para-vets to provide animal health care on a routine basis is also an important intervention
  PPRADAN is promoting goat rearing programmes extensively in Rajasthan and Orissa.

The programme is implemented in clusters so that capacity building, veterinary support, and marketing can be taken up in a more systematic manner.

As on March 2015, PRADAN's goat rearing programme reaches out to more than 5,500 families.

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