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Chawki rearing in nylon nets. Tasar Cocoon pro- duction programme. Jharkhand  
Chawki rearing in nylon nets. Tasar Cocoon production programme. Jharkhand  
PRADAN works mostly with Adivasis and poor people who live near forests for whom forests and trees have, traditionally, been an important source of livelihood. Over the years, dwindling forests and the implementation of protection-oriented public policies have made serious inroads to these livelihood activities, resulting in decreased incomes for the local communities.

Image: Map of India with the programe location.PRADAN’s forest and tree-based livelihood interventions in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha comprise of Tasar cocoon production, Lac cultivation and production, and trading of Siali leaf plates. Farm forestry has also been taken up as part of a programme on integrated natural resource management.

In its activities, PRADAN is supported by, and works in close association with various government departments such as the Ministry of Rural Development, the Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Textiles, and a number of resource institutions such as the Central Silk Board and the Indian Lac Research Institute.

As on March 2015, there are 9,000 families who are involved in these activities.

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