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What We Do
PRADAN has significant and wide-ranging experience in promoting livelihoods with the rural poor, through an approach that blends the socio-behavioural with the technical and managerial dimensions.

PRADAN’S livelihood programmes can be broadly classified into the following sectoral activities:
Microfinance through promoting and nurturing Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of women   Forest-based activities (Tasar sericulture, Lac cultivation, Siali Leaf Plate making and Farm Forestry)   Land & Water related activities (Agriculture,Horticulture, Irrigation, Watershed Development)
Promotion of SHG's:
PRADAN is one of the pioneers in the promotion of Self-Help Groups in India, having formed its first SHG in Alwar, Rajasthan, in 1987...
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  Forest Based Livelihood: PRADAN works mostly with adivasis and poor people who live near forests for whom forests and trees have, traditionally, been an important source of livelihood....
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  Natural Resource Management: PRADAN devotes a significant part of its intervention efforts on developing land and water resources.  The aim is to enhance productivity, incomes and sustainable livelihoods...
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Livestock based livelihoods (Dairy, Goat rearing)   Micro-enterprises (Tasar yarn production, Mushroom cultivation and Poultry rearing)    
Livestock Development: PRADAN works with rural families in the promotion of dairy and goat rearing activities in the project areas of Jharkhand, odisha, and Rajasthan...
  Micro Enterprise Promotion: With continually diminishing outputs and declining farm sizes, it has become more urgent for the rural population to diversify their avenues of income...

These programs seek to increase the livelihood options of poor people and advance the frontiers of their choices.