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Our Teams
The focus of PRADAN’s work is to promote and strengthen livelihoods among the rural poor. This involves organising rural families, enhancing their capabilities, and introducing ways to improve their incomes by linking them to banks, markets, and other financial services and economic opportunities. PRADAN works through its field-based teams to achieve these goals.

Currently 57 field-based teams carry out daily operations including the organisation’s livelihood and other programmes in all project areas, each of them working under the leadership of a mid-career executive designated as Team Coordinator. Each field team comprises of six to ten professional staff members.

A senior executive designated as Integrator supports several teams. Organisation-wide functions are also overseen by the Integrators. All Integrators, together with the Executive Director, constitute the Executive Committee that is responsible for strategic and operational integration and institutional development. The Executive Director, Integrators, and Team Coordinator. Team Coordinators constitute the Consultative Forum which carries out twice-yearly programme planning, budgeting, and review.

PRADAN professionals work with over 374,000 families in 5,766 villages across seven of the poorest states in the country. All professional staff meets once a year in a Retreat to exchange experiences and broadly chart out future direction.

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