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Women’s Empowerment through Agriculture – MKSP in Madhya Pradesh

PRADAN is implementing a project titled “Enhancing Farm Livelihoods of Women SHGs in Mahakaushal Region of Madhya Pradesh” under Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana (MKSP), a sub-component of NRLM.


The project aims to achieve following goals:

  • Establish the central role of women in agriculture decision making
  • Enhance technical knowledge of women as practitioners of modern agriculture
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Establish farming as a profitable and sustainable livelihood
  • Reduce distress migration from families


The project will reach out to 8,000 and seek to enhance family incomes by Rs.10,000 to Rs 15000 for 60% of participant women (including money value of enhanced food production) through:

  • Crop intensification of paddy, maize, wheat and gram and diversification into pulses and commercial vegetable farming
  • Protective irrigation from harvested rainwater to 950 ha of cropland during kharif season and 380 ha during rabi and summer
  • Enhanced production of cereals by 100% with the intervened families
  • Multi-cropping including long-tenure plantations of fruit trees and timber plants in 300 ha
  • Introduction of small agricultural equipments/machines to reduce drudgery of women farmers
  • Creation of an appropriate mechanism for market linkage for crops produced

Area of the project

  • Implementation in two districts- Balaghat and Mandla
      • In Balaghat district Balaghat and Paraswada blocks
      • In Mandla district Mohgaon and Narayanganj blocks

Duration of the project

14th March 2012 to 13th March 2015

Project Investments

Ministry of Rural Development (GOI): Rs . 9.77 crores
Ministry of Rural Development (MP Govt.): Rs. 3.26 crores
Mobilized from other sources: Rs. 1.67 crores
Community Contribution: Rs. 5.27 crores
Total: Rs. 19.97 crores

Project Anchor

Rabindra Nath

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