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The technological advancements have done very little for women farmers in India in reducing the extent of their drudgery in agriculture. New innovations are either inaccessible or not gender friendly. Current farm practices result in immense hardship for women farmers as well as lower their productivity. But the time has come to alter this status-quo; together with the women farmers we propose to change this.

MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA FARM EQUIPMENT SECTOR (FES), ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture (ICAR-CIWA) and PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action) under the initiative “PRERNA” – Empowering Women Farmers will bring about change in the lives of over 1500 women farmers across 30 plus remote villages in the state of Odisha.


Your contribution would help alleviate women farmers’ drudgery by introducing gender friendly tools and equipment leading to reduction of back-breaking labour and thereby improve both productivity and health outcomes.